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xiang yi memorabilia
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2001 nanchang xiangyi medical instrument limited company incorporated
in 2003 nanchang lidu north industrial zone, 30 acres of land and construction
in 2004 the new factory of one phase of the project was completed and put into production smoothly
the two phase of the project started in 2005 one hundred thousand mask production workshop
in 2006 the introduction of a full automatic single pad production line and 12 automatic production line masks
in 2007 the three phase of the project 3000 square meters of clean workshop building
in 2008 the introduction of the automatic production line of a hat
in 2009 the construction of 8 production line automatic folding machine
february 2010 was elected to the jiangxi medical device industry association executive director of the unit
in october 2010 the company passed the ce certification
in december 2010 through the national standard sterile medical devices production inspection (gmp)
jiangxi province in 2011 was awarded the title of outstanding enterprises in medical equipment industry association
in 2012 the four phase of the project 12000 square meters workshop completion and acceptance
in 2013 the new purification workshop of 5200 square meters and smooth operation

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