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urine test for early alzheimer's steps closer
date:2016-01-21    editor: administrator  view:109
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    the team - including members from the monell chemical sense center in philadelphia, pa, and the us department of agriculture (usda) - describes the findings in the journal scientific reports.

    one of the authors, dr. bruce kimball - a chemical ecologist with the usda national wildlife research center (nwrc) , and who is based at the monell center - says before the new research, their work focused mostly on changes to body odor caused by factors that originate outside the body, such as viruses and vaccines. he notes:

    "now we have evidence that urinary odor signatures can be altered by changes in the brain characteristic of alzheimer's disease. this finding may also have implications for other neurologic diseases."


    while there are currently no treatments that stop or reverse the progression of alzheimer's disease, an early, accurate diagnosis would give patients and their families time to plan for the future and their doctors time to find a treatment that gives symptom relief.

    alzheimer's disease affects around 5.1 million americans over the age of 65. there is no definitive diagnostic test for this most common form of dementia, a hallmark of which is an excess of amyloid plaque deposits in the brain.

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